(aren't you glad I only make you say "Gab"?)


After breaking out of the North Jersey, Italian-Catholic bubble in which she was raised, Gab endured two years of a respectable liberal arts education before promptly leaving it behind to study comedy and television writing -- a decision that knocked precisely 7 collective years off her parents' lives. It was not in vain. Upon graduating in May 2016, she was honored with the Dr. Frederick P. Cornell Excellence in Writing Award, and became the first writer in UArts history to win the President's Award for the episodic teleplays that comprise her original series, "Gab & Kev Make it Weird." Luckily, her internship at Lunchbox Communications evolved into a full-time position as as Writer of all copy and narrative, and an Associate Producer of all documentary and commercial productions, so she could quit being a terrible barista and continue performing live comedy every week at the Philly Improv Theater with her house team, "Fjord."

Current day, she can be found bustling in the city of brotherly struggle to pay off her enormous student loan debt while transforming first drafts into polished spec scripts, late night writers packets, and live shows that a bunch of (mostly white), hip millennials will ever get the chance to see.

She's desperately trying to change that.

current projects

Co-writing/associate producing "The Great Flip-Off," a Lunchbox Communications documentary which recently made it to the finals of the Untold Story crowdfunding competition hosted by Seed&Spark and Project Greenlight.

Creating my original web series, "Lunch for One," to be produced by Lunchbox City Productions.

Co-writing an original online series with my writing partner Olivia Kram called "Daddy Issues," featuring yours truly.