The Live Read with Gab Bottoni Coming to PHIT Comedy on July 26th!

I'm so excited!! THE LIVE READ is happening on July 26th at PHIT Comedy! I caught up with PHIT's Artistic Director, Mike Marbach, to talk more about the inspiration behind starting a show where me and my funny buds read submitted orginal pilots in front of a live audience.

Graphic by Shannon Fahey.

Writers will get the real, honest reactions they need to write the best script possible. And the people who watch will get to see hilarious/talented comedians enact two funny, original narratives that they can follow from start to finish. It’ll be like watching an episode of a show they never heard of, with all the anxieties and in-the-moment-isms of it being a live show. Plus, free beer.
— Gab Bottoni

Please submit your 1/2 hour pilot scripts to me for #THE chance to have it #READ in front of a #LIVE audience by me and my funny buds!!

(submit to w/ the subject line SCRIPTS FOR GAB)