Copywriting at Lunchbox Communications

As a member of the Lunchbox Gang — an independent filmhouse and advertising agency hybrid in Philadelphia — I get to wear many hats. As a writer, I help produce copy for all of our multi-media content. From loglines and story synopses to documentary narratives, from social media and website content to press releases, from brand builds to campaign taglines, I stretch the versatility of my writing skills every day. 


The Great Flip-Off

Along with being a Co-Writer and Associate Producer on the upcoming Lunchbox-produced feature documentary The Great Flip-Off, I also wrote the copy for all web and print content, including loglines, summaries, descriptions, one-sheeters, emailers, pitch decks, grant proposals, social media posts, blogs, press releases and more. 


Lutheran Settlement House

At Lunchbox, I've been fortunate enough to work with local non-profits doing important work. Alongside Lutheran Settlement House, the Lunchbox gang and I built a campaign entitled "Reach Out/Outreach," battling male domestic violence, and shattering the stigma that places strength and outreach on opposite ends of the spectrum.  


Cancer Be Glammed

Cancer Be Glammed is a cancer survivor-owned company I've worked closely with over the past year and a half during my time at Lunchbox Communications.  The goal of CBG's recently published style guide is to prepare women for the visual side effects of surgery and treatment while providing practical, fashionable style solutions, helpful recovery products, and style recommendations.  While much of my role revolved around producing photo shoots and project managing the creation of co-founder Lisa Lurie's new book, Cancer Be Glammed: Recover in Style, my copy-writing services were required for the proposal submitted the project to the local ADCP Awards.


Social Media

As a filmhouse/ad agency hybrid, maintaining multiple online presences for each of our company arms and films became an essential part of my job. Pages I've managed:

The Great Flip-Off
Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?
Lunchbox Communications
Lunchbox Dox