original episodic comedy

creator / writer

“Gab & Kev Make it Weird” is a comedy about the friendship of 20-somethings Gab and Kev, and how their oddly intimate, platonic relationship serves as the ultimate ammo in that battle against the innate loneliness and defeat of being broke millennials in Philly.

"Gab & Kev Make it Weird" is responsible for making me the 2016 recipient of the University of the Arts President's Award, and the Dr. Frederick P. Cornell Excellence in Writing Award.  

The pilot episode also reached the second round of the 2017 Sundance Institute's Episodic Story Lab, and made me a Semi-Finalist in The Second City 2017 Original Sitcom Contest.


original hour-long drama

creator / writer

Created during my sophomore screenwriting class at UArts, instructed by Steve Saylor, "Hard" is an hour-long dark dramedy about Mickey Mann -- the single father of a freshly pubescent daughter, and an aging porn star with erectile dysfunction. Appropriately, the pilot episode is called "Soft." 

Boogie Nights meets Mad Men meets every f*ckboy's worst nightmare. 


original episodic series (half-hour)

co-writer / co-creator

A group of other UArts screenwriting majors and I got together to write/create a comedy pilot about weird love and romance in Philadelphia, through the lens of an ensemble of unsettling characters who run a failing speed dating service through the local community center. We never got the chance to film it, but this is what we wrote.