So, my dear few anonymous IP addresses that sometimes visit my website and virtually no one else, here's some Gab updates comin' atcha because the Internet still says it's a good idea for young, inexperienced, jobless fools like me to have a kept-up-with website.

I started my improv training in Philadelphia back in September of 2013, and I've been really fortunate to meet mentors, best friends, and teammates who've helped me gain some cute comedy legs. Over the past few months, I've gotten a bunch of chances to perform at my favorite theater -- with Office Hours, my indie team that had a month-long residency at PHIT through their Launch Pad program, as well as with the PHIT-run improvised horror comedy show, Stay Dead!, which was a blast. So I'm really excited that now I'm officially a company member at PHIT, and I cant wait to do the Harold with these hilarious babes every Wednesday night starting January 2015! Cool, cool, cool. Oh, also I'm a vegan now ? I don't know what details to include or exclude on this thing. It's like a blog but it's not. IS ANYONE READING THIS. Alright, goodbye.