Gab Meets World

So I started a new blog.

Not only for the simple fact that the Internet needs more blogs, but also because I'm taking a class (just because) called "Social Media and Blogging". 

It's called "Gab Meets World".

Let me tell you why: Thanks to Morgan Freeman, Science, and China, there are billions of people doing awesome, boring, weird, or disgusting things all over this planet. And where there's people to be met, there's stories to be told. So yeah, join me as I meet them all and blog about it.




Hello, Internet...

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3....

This just in(!): I just created this website and I consumed a half a pound of sharp cheddar while doing so! 

Other than cheese, I've been consuming lots of literature lately, primarily of the school-advertisement sort.  That's right - no more liberal arts for this debtor. I'm going to be a Television/Film writer, so whoever can teach me that best, that's where you can find me next fall.

News conclusion: things are happening.  This website is happening. So there's more content to come. In the meantime, here's something I drew that was recently published on the first page of The College of New Jersey's literary magazine, the Lion's Eye


Gab's artwork in the Lion's Eye